Karen Abe

Born and raised on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, Karen grew up with a strong connection to the AAPI community through her identity as a Hawaiʻi local and first-generation Japanese immigrant. From going to Japanese school on Saturdays to dancing hula since the age of 3, Karen’s upbringing has often served as inspiration for much of her media works. Karen hopes that her works will encourage other AAPI youth, to pursue their passions for art.


Annie Zheng

Originally from Vancouver, Canada,
Annie has had her fair share of struggles with her cultural identity. From whitewashing her cultural preferences and aesthetic tastes to religiously watching C-Dramas to "learn" Mandarin, Annie's journey to both cultural and creative self-discovery has come a long way. Her most recent works explore
this journey, with her latest project focusing on East Asian folklore.